It’s All About Discipline

I have decided to begin a blog to inspire you–and me–to take action now to access and activate our dreams.


I have learned over the years that to become successful is to be disciplined. Ideally, you should be disciplined about all aspects of your life. But at the very least, you must be disciplined about the project/concept/idea/dream that you are cultivating.


What does that look like?


My success mantra is: Devote at least one hour per day, including weekends, on cultivating your dream.


Sounds simple, right? 


Think about it. One 60-minute interval zips by in a blink. How do you spend any given hour in a day? Consider this list:


  • Watching TV
  • Playing video games
  • Scrolling through social media 
  • Eating
  • Talking on the phone 
  • Complaining 
  • Working
  • Working out
  • Engaging your children
  • Paying attention to your partner
  • Sleeping 
  • Daydreaming
  • Nothing


These are just a few things that people say they do in any given hour. What about you? How often are you intentional about the way that you spend your time? What happens if you carve out one single hour each day for a week to focus on the project you want to develop?


You can write it into your calendar. Set an alarm five minutes before so that you can clear away any distractions. 


Then go for it. 


At first, you may find it challenging to devote that single hour to your personal pursuit. You may feel like you have too many responsibilities and not enough time. If that feeling comes up make your own list of how you spend your day. Write it down hour-by-hour from the moment you wake until the moment you go to sleep. What do you do from 7-8, 8-9. Etc? Where is there time that is wasted, or, at least, unfocused?


When you see the way you spend your time based on your own assessment, you can then evaluate what needs to change and then restructure your day. Find an hour that you can devote to yourself. Write it down. Commit to the discipline of honoring that hour each day. 


Then practice the discipline for one solid week. Do your best to focusing on your project at the same time each day for seven days. If you miss a day, forgive yourself and recommit for the following day. At the end of a week, review the results of your effort. 


The discipline of consistent focus on your project will yield tangible results over time.


Do me a favor. Promise yourself that you will act with discipline in this way THIS WEEK. 


Write to me to tell me how it works out.


Here’s to your success!




Have a great day and make it count!


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